Partners: Love and Trust

Reporting from PTC of 2017-2018 Spring Bilingual Department of KCISEC

There were around 2000 parents who visited our beautiful campus and attended the PTC of KCISEC. There were four sections in our PTC agenda. The first section was held in homeroom classroom. The homeroom teachers not only announced the important information for DAA, DSA, the Activity Center and Health Center but also presented their strategies for classroom management and curriculum map of this semester. The second section was held in the English classroom. All the CETs and FETs informed their goals and expectations for the students and the overview of the thematic teaching of this semester. The third section was held in the canteen, for parents to seek any help or ask any questions related to all subjects, school buses, clubs and afterschool programs. The staff and subject teachers were there to offer their help. The venue of the fourth section was in the gym on the third floor. The events were related to school bands, summer camps and the orientation of English Curriculum of G6 students going to International Department.

Although the weather was cloudy today, it didn't stop the passions of the parents. The parents were all engaged on listening to the demonstration or introduction of their children's learning process by our teachers. Our school really appreciated our parents attendance and the support that they give to our teachers and school.

We believe that after the PTC, parents had a better understanding of the real essence of EDUCATION of KCISEC. We should both work together to empower our student because they are the future.

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